How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Boiler Serviced?

Boiler service costs vary across United Kingdom due to several factors. To begin with is the location of the client. It is therefore important for one to compare prices in specific postcode. Secondly, the cost may depend on the time of the year. This is because majority of clients would choose to service their boiler in autumn and winter. Therefore, it could be cheaper during spring and summer when demand is lower. Thirdly, the cost depends on the boiler type. For instance, oil boilers are more expensive than gas boilers to service. Fourthly, the cost depends on competition. If there are many qualified engineers in an area, the service and repair costs would be low.
Timing of servicing and the size of the company also determine the cost of servicing. For example, some heating engineers in Harrogate charge extra on evenings and weekends. It is therefore imperative to find out if there are extra charges in case of out-of-hours service. Regarding the size of the company, independent engineers are able to charge less than national companies. This is because national companies may have higher overhead costs hence increasing their prices. Since there are many factors that affect the cost of boiler servicing, a client should evaluate quotes from qualified engineers in his/her location to get the best offer.
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Servicing a boiler saves money on the bigger repair bills that could be incurred in future if minor faults were left un-repaired. It also helps in saving lives as faulty boilers can be dangerous due to emission of carbon monoxide. Servicing a boiler lowers fuel bills as engineers ensure that the boiler is not wasting energy. Servicing also ensures that insurance cover on the boiler is valid as most warranties require that boilers should be regularly serviced. Finally, it is a legal requirement that landlords should service boilers and provide valid certificates.